Raf’ati Khalil, A Heroin Addict Turned Millionaire by Self Determination

June 25, 2017 by  

Persian Heritage

Mr. Khalil is now 46 years old and living a life he never imagined. He was addicted to heroin and crack cocaine. His body was covered with scars. After his ninth overdose he realized he had to make changes if he was to survive. It all started in Toledo, Ohio where he was born. Escaping home life difficulties he drove to Los Angeles, where he started his own business and selling marijuana on the side, followed by ecstasy and ketamine. His addiction happened when he first tried heroin. The feeling he experiences was captivating and he was addicted. In 2003 he hit rock bottom and since that date has been dedicated to health and sobriety after being introduced to healthy eating by a friend. He began his juice empire and never stopped growing .He started his juice bar company called SunLife Organics in 2011. This company was the result of his making health drinks for the patients and staff at the Riverside Recovery Center, a sober living house.

His first drink was called the “Wolverine” which consisted of bananas and dates, and known still as his signature drink.

The news of his drink and its healing ability spread throughout the Malibu community and then into Los Angeles. Today he carries an impressive 32 kinds of juices, protein shakes smoothies, acai bowls, coffee, sundaes and yogurts. His work force includes young people, who like him were in need of help. But there is no free ride for them, he pushes them very hard and to some he has become a father figure and an inspiration.

The success of his company is the less important part of his life’s journey. Recovering is what keeps his blood running and caring for others what keeps him alive. Taking an addiction and turning recovery into the thirst of life.



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