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December 27, 2017 by  

Hooshang Guilak

The Middle East? Where, thus far, the United States failed to show any leadership. Can American government prevent the brewing disaster in the region? U.S. administrations, have constantly exhibited total lack of basic knowledge for the area. They are unaware of the history of the people, erroneously leaning more on the nation’s military power than on the statesmanship of her leaders, and worse of all relaying on the information furnished by the so-called friends and confidents, who are neither.

The horrid incident of September eleventh, should not be judged only by its heinous consequences in the mainland USA, but also by the aftermath of what it brought to the nation. Americans, blindly, and without appropriate evaluation of what had happened embarked in a war, “The Iraq War” with a devastating self-inflected disaster. A war which, with the existing criteria should have never been started. The Iraqi leader, Saddam Hossein, a malignant individual as he was, had no hand in the terroristic incursion of the New York City. Then why the attack?

Who, if an individual; or which if a government, were guilty of giving wrong information to the Americans, if so why? What was their interest in the matter. Who, in the US government, were in favor of such policy and what was their motives or their interests in that war. It is clear that wrong information was given to the Media, and to the Congress. Why? Why our Media failed to research the sources of that factitious information? Why our Senators and members of our Congress did not ask for further documentation?

This war was not the only mishap committed by the United States. The American government handled every problem in the Middle East and North Africa with utmost maladroitness; the mess in Syria, the disaster in Libya, and the problems in Egypt, and the list can go on. 

At the present; the existing animosities between the governments of Israel and Iran, are not something to be ignored. We are cognizant of the rhetoric of the Mullahs in Tehran: “We have to wipe Israel off the map.” We are conscious of the Israelis wanting an attack on Iran. Now, and in this matter, where the U.S. is heading?

For several decades, the present Israel’s prime minister, Mr. Netanyahu, has been deeply engaged in pushing United States to a war with Iran. Thus far his attempts have been unsuccessful. However, now, we are dealing with three leaders with basically the same mentality, even though they are superficially quite different: a politician, a businessman and a man of God! They represent three different religious sects: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. With all the apparent differences, they are so much alike; demagogues, fanatics, agitators and disingenuous.

To this three, we must add the ruler of the Saudi Arabia’s, King Salman bin Abdolaziz Al Saud, who reminds me of D’Artagnan’s servant, Planchet in Alexander Dumas’ “Les Trois Mousquetaires”, trying to act like a musketeer.

The animosities between Iran and Saudi Arabia, caused Netanyahu to befriend King Salman against Iran, apparently a necessity of the times. This closeness began some time ago and is in full bloom now.

The alliance of President Trump with the Saudis and Netanyahu, creates a dangerous triangle. If unchecked, we may be witnessing the start of another war in the Middle East and specifically in the Persian Gulf, something that Netanyahu has been advocating for decades. The recent sale of armament to the Saudis by Trump may be the prelude for a war, with the Saudis, being the assigned perpetrator.

Based on what we know of Saudis, it will take very little to entice them for an attack on Iran. They see Iran as the greatest danger to their ruling in the area. With such war, Netanyahu gets his wishes, disintegration of Iran and Mr. Trump gets to sell more arms to the Arabs. These will be a prelude in sinking the world into another disaster.

Trump is already questioning Iran’s conformity with the nuclear deal. Like most of his expressed opinions, he has no proof to back his claims. Why? Is he repeating the Master’s voice? Where does the U.S. government gets its information? Who are the people that are feeding American governing body with erroneous information? Why is Israel so anxious for the United States to attack Iran? What is the role of Israel, more appropriately, Israeli hardliners in the US government? These questions and a lot more. 


Before embarking on discussion of the subject, let me put forth a few points:

  1. We should consider that the point of discussion is not the Jewish people, nor the Jewish faith. The matter of consideration and under analysis is an entity, a state or country called “Israel” and its government. It is most important to adhere to this principal. In many occasions, the Israeli hardliners try to connect these two together. Therefore, implying any criticism of the state of Israel, is considered as castigation of the Jewish people and Judaism.
  2. The Jewish people, throughout the history, have shown their magnificent intelligence, their tolerance, their remarkable resilience and their achievements in every aspect of life: literatures, music, science, etc. They have lived well with most nations, and complied with the laws of their countries, even when they were mistreated by many. I have seen them in Iran and easily can vouch for their great dedication and cooperation with the government and the people of the country.
  3. The existence of Israel should be accepted and respected. They must be allowed to live as a free nation in peace and harmony with all others. What they have done in the short time of the country’s existence, and the progress achieved is nothing short of a miracle. I have witnessed their progresses personally.
  4. However, all said, Israeli hardliners should stop their animosity toward the Palestinians and try not to follow the line of the Nazi Germany. I harbor no preferential treatment for the Palestinian, except for the fact that Israeli hardliner’s action is causing severe turmoil in the Middle East, leading to disaster in the area and hurting Israelis and their causes.


Their hardliner’s behavior reminds me of Saadi’s story in his book of Boustan: A man was sitting on the tip of a branch, cutting it off at its junction to the trunk. Just then, the proprietor saw him and thought aloud “This man is committing a terrible act, not to anyone but to himself. This is exactly what the Israeli hardliners are doing: Sitting on the tip of the branch and cutting it off at its connection.

After WWII, when the atrocities of the Nazi Germany were discovered, the world was in shock by what they had done to the so-called non-Aryan people, and specifically to those of the Jewish faith. The Jews of the world became recipient of sympathy and much love from everywhere and everyone. After conquering Palestine by Israelites, the bickering animosities existing between Arabs and the Jews surfaced and blossomed into an open clash, and leading to all-out war.

The people of the newly created Jewish State, had to work hard to keep their existence despite the surmounting enmities with the surrounding Moslem countries. It was not easy. They worked hard and with diligence, to maintain and safeguard their new home state.

In Europe and the United States, they embarked with extensive propaganda, using everything in their arsenal to discourage or even to shut any criticism coming on to their direction. In many instances overdoing, and overstepping the appropriate measures. They used terms like: Jew hater, Jew killer, anti-Semitism, etc. This supposedly defensive mechanism was misused and abused so often and to the point that it lost its meanings and values. 

In the United States, they created organizations that have been interfering with the affairs of state both internally and specifically in the international arena and pointedly in the Middle East. The conflict worsened as the Israel government was overtaken by the hardliners. With the unconditional support of the United States government, they became bolder in their mistreatment of Palestinians.

The repercussion to this action came from the Europeans, who were watching closely the Israeli-Palestinian relation. Palestinians became hostage to the Israeli hardliners, to the point that ex-president of the USA, Mr. Carter, compared Israeli Government action to that of the apartheid regime of South Africa. Under numerous, and non-meritorious excuses, Palestinians’ properties were and are being confiscated one by one and used to house Israelis.

The hardliners have been using a method known in the medical field as the “Besredka method; (Alexander Besredka).” It consists of desensitization of a markedly sensitive disorder by using miniscule and repeated doses of the antigen. So, I feel that the hardliners have been confiscating one house at a time to desensitize the world toward their action of destroying the lives of the Palestinians.

This problem is quite clear to Europeans, but unfortunately, the Americans, including the U.S. Government, have shown total inadequacy in comprehending the gravity of this action. Failure of the Israeli hardliners to abide by any rules or regulations has played a significant role in turning Europe against Israel. The consequences of such behavior have been the revival of anti-Semitism in Europe, as we are witnessing.

The hardliner’s techniques in the United States is also backfiring. Many are not buying their rhetoric. I cannot forget what they have done to the White House Correspondent, Helen Thomas, when she thought aloud her opinion about Israel. In response to the question posed by Rabbi David Nesenoff asking her what Israel must do. Her response was, “Tell them to get the hell out of Palestine.” What a disaster was created! Insensitive and inappropriate that her comment was, but it was her opinion and she is entitling to that.

Under the auspices of the Hardliners, she was crucified by all officials and supposedly independent organizations: The White House Correspondent Associate called her remarks “Indefensible”; Robert Gibbs, White House Spokesman said her comments were, Offensive and Reprehensible. In January 2011, the Society of Professional Journalists voted to retire Helen Thomas Award of Lifetime Achievement. The Anti- Defamation League demanded that all honors that she had received should be rescinded by stating, “Thomas had clearly, unequivocally revealed herself as vulgar and anti-Semite.”

The Israeli hardliners and their agents wanted to put the fear of life in anybody ever trying to say or act on a measure against their wishes. I have no doubt that the repercussion of all those statements expressed by different organizations supported by the Israelis’, did not go un-noticed by the Americans. In other words, the hardliner’s’ action made many of these people aware of the underlying problems. In a word, no Americans want agents of a foreign government to interfere with their way of life, irrespective of what or who they represent.

The concept of utilizing the word “Judeo-Christianity”, has been another of their tactics. The phrase that was first used by George Orwell in 1939 to describe the “Judeo-Christian scheme of morals”, became a God given gift for bringing the Christian Americans under the Israeli hardliners grip. Its popularization in the second half of the twentieth century by Israeli Organizations in the U.S. was to solidify the thinking of the Christian hardliners to the Israeli hardliners for the ultimate and unquestionable support for Israel.

Israeli hardliners wanted to cultivate and strengthen the religious unity of the Americans and Israelis. I have heard many times these words from my deeply religious Christian friends, while showing their support for Israel. The idea gained momentum after attacks of Moslems Jihadists in Europe and the United States. 

The influence of Israeli hardliners on the officials of the United States has increased exponentially since the creation of Israel. Their domination over multiple American administrations has been to the point that severely threatens the welfare of the United States. The American policies have been secondary to that of Israel. The amount of money spent by the Israelis and their supporters on the U.S. election is colossal.

Just to show their influence on the U.S. political hierarchy, it suffices to recite the invitation of Netanyahu by John Boehner, Speaker of the House, to address the joint session of the congress, against the approval of the U.S. administration. He became so bold as to criticize our president in his address to Congress. The election of several our congressman, congresswomen and senators supporting Israel vs those who were independent, is well known and proven.

As I have so vividly presented the fact that the U.S. Government was so much dependent on the British policies during the twentieth century (Book: Fire Beneath the Ashes), now they are under the spell of the Israeli hardliners. This group has contributed more than any of our enemies toward our mishaps around the world.

Decades ago, during the early stage of the cold war, a newspaper in Tehran, describing the Soviet’s appetite for incorporating parts of other nation’s lands to their own, wrote: “The Russians want that around Russia; and around and around Russia; and around, and around, and around Russia there should be only governments friendly to the Soviets.”

This attitude fits so beautifully the behavior of today’s Israel. They want that: around Israel; and around and around Israel; and around, and around, and around Israel there be no government ever capable of causing them harm. Their involvement and actions to bring down and destroy Iraq, Libya, Syria, and their present goal a war with Iran, are examples of this belief. 

Iran, has been on the top of their list for a long while, even during the Shah’s regime that was so friendly toward them. They did their best to prevent United States from selling sophisticated military equipment to Iran, such as AWACS Planes. During such time, the Israel government had representation in Iran (the only Moslem nation partially recognizing Israel) and their agricultural experts were working in that country as consultants.

Mr. Netanyahu has no loyalty toward America or Americans. He and the hardliners want for the U.S. army to be at their command and ready to eliminate, on demand, any of their perceived enemies. All evidence points to the fact that they had a hand in convincing Bush the second to attack Iraq and as a result the United States and the free world, suffered an irreparable loss. The Israeli hardliners disliked Saddam Hossein and Moammar Khadafy. For obvious reason and probably not unjustifiably, they hate the present Iranian regime. 

They have tried and still are trying hard, especially under President Trump, to influence the U.S. for an attack on Iran. It is unbelievable of how many times Netanyahu and other Israeli hardliners have predicted, from the late 1980’s, that Iran is going to have nuclear arsenal in the “next two to five years.” 

A few years ago, Mr. Freilich, of Netanyahu’s circle, while at Harvard, gave a speech at the invitation of World Affair Consul in Houston, about U.S. Iran and Israel. It was a well-attended luncheon meeting. Three questions were asked of the attendants on pre-and post-lecture: Shall the US attack Iran; do you support an attack by Israel on Iran; and shall US defend Israel if attacked by Iran. The pre-and post-lecture’s answers were almost identical. 

The pre-lecture questionnaire for the first and second questions were approximately 75% negative and 25% positive. For the third portion to majority of about 75% felt that The United States should help Israel, if it is attacked by Iran. It was amazing that Mr. Freilich’s lecture in favor of action against Iran, did not change any opinions.

During the book signing ceremony, he was asked, “Why Israel, so anxious to attack Iran, does not do it itself?’

“The United States is more equipped for that undertakings.” Was his answer.

Americans have suffered so much in the Middle East. Most of them do not want to repeat and or renew the Iraq’s experience. If we carefully examine what these hardliners have done, it becomes clear that they, in part, were and are responsible for the creations of the terrorist groups, such as ISIS. 

During Mr. Obama’s presidency, he stood relatively firm, toward the unreasonable demands of Netanyahu. Now, Mr. Trump, with his allegiance toward the hardliners and against his own Secretary of State’s report, that Iranians are satisfying their responsibility to the nuclear agreement, stated that, “Iranians are not complying, in spirit (whatever it means) with the agreement.” A line that his Ambassador to the United Nations, Ms. Nicky Haley has recently been murmuring. 

The question that comes up: “Is the Unite States government with the instigation of the Israeli hardliners preparing Saudi Arabia for an attack on Iran, as Presidents Carter and Reagan did, with Saddam Hossein and his attack on Iran, in early 1980’s?”




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