An Interview with Ferris Rezvan

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Car Designer – Persian Heritage

Thank you for granting this interview to Persian Heritage, we are delighted to share your story with our readers. Let’s start with where you were born and your family background.

Thank you for this opportunity. I was born in Iran. My dad was an F4 Phantom fighter pilot. So, I grew up surrounded by air force fighter plans and culture. My family immigrated to the US in 1984 when I was 9 years old. Initially we settled down in Madison, Wisconsin.


Where did you begin your interest in cars and fighter aircraft?


As I stated since my father was a fighter pilot being surrounded by this sparked my interest. As to cars I fell in love with car design at a very young age.


When did you leave Wisconsin?


We moved to California in 1987 so my father could start businesses. His career as a pilot however, remained a great influence on me. I wanted to be a fighter pilot like him, but various health limitations prevented that dream. I defaulted to my interest in car designs. All my books while growing up were about military aircraft, tanks and cars. After I graduated college, I entered into a career in Software but I got bored very quickly. After some thought I decided to start a car company and create the same high speed thrill of flying on the ground.


Entering into car design and production is not easy.


No but I am fearless when it comes to doing something. I work very hard and always find a way.


Are there any other individuals who inspired you and car designs?


Yes, definitely my biggest inspirations have been successful people who have not given in such as Elon Musk, who I have a lot of respect for. I also believe in partnerships with other companies and brands and I am good in bringing people together. I love the story of the small company who is willing to think outside the box and take on the big players. 
In my case I wanted to bring beautiful and exotic designs to life, cars that people can drive every day.


Tell us about the first design.


We started with the BEAST and frankly the BEAST has taken control over me. Our designs became very popular and well received. Fortunately, we received orders and continued to perfect our target market. While I didn’t plan on becoming an entrepreneur, it just simply happened once I began design and creation of vehicles. In order to make this my living I knew I would have to work and market hard in order to create sales. 

To be honest with you the finance and accounting to me are the most boring parts of a business and I don’t like spending time on it.


Having said that the automotive industry and aerospace are the two most capital intensive industries on earth. To do so requires a careful approach to building. 

Is it correct to say then that since they are the most capital intensive that regulations make going forward difficult?


Yes. There are also worldwide regulations on road legal status and emissions compliance. So, there are lots of barriers.


How then did you become successful or rather make it work?


I started the company with $5,000 and now three years later we have our 3rd model. How we got to this position was via a lot of hard work. But, I believe when you love something it doesn’t feel like work. We work seven days a week and love every minute of it. It just doesn’t feel like work and we also remind ourselves that we are competing with billion dollar companies that have unlimited funds!

We, the little guys, are setting trends and doing what it takes bigger companies millions of dollars to do. I am proud of what we’ve achieved with such little capital.


To date what are your sales statistics?

We have sold six BEAST models, four BEAST ALPHA Models and have four TANK cars currently on order. We considered the BEAST to be the sexy car but it had a very limited audience because it lacked doors and was track focused. BEAST ALPHA was a road going car with a broader appeal. TANK is the new Hummer. it’s designed to be that tough, rough, military style SUV. While there are many companies that perform engine upgrades or bumper kits, we focus on creating all new unique cars that are out of the ordinary. We like to create new designs. 


What makes your cars and vehicles unique?


The design and exclusivity which provide a pure driving experience. Today’s sports cars have become increasingly isolating in their feel. None of the exotics like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maclaren provide manual transmissions anymore. They only provide automatics further isolating the driving experience. The BEAST and BEAST ALPHA provide that race car experience on the road. 


How difficult are these machines to manufacture?


It is their complexity on a small scale and in low volume that is the most difficult aspect. In order to make it successful. Though I am the CEO, I am also the janitor. I wear many hats from marketing, to finance, to strategy to design, to manufacturing to customer relationships; sometimes it can be overwhelming to have so many balls simultaneously in the air. We are a young company and I have my name on it. Having your name on a company makes you want to be sure of its success. Rezvani represents a brand that is focused on design and uniqueness. My name is on it therefore it’s my reputation and I have to ensure it is successful. 

What does the future hold?


In the next few years we’ll be focusing on perfecting our models, lowering manufacturing costs and building models that are driven by passion and that large companies won’t build. We will be coming out with a little brother of the TANK. 

What words can you leave for our readers seeking to be successful in business?

As an immigrant, I faced adversity. But it’s that experience of overcoming adversity that showed me and will show that, one can do anything. I like taking the best of all cultures around the world.



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