Reviews SOFREH, The Art of Persian Celebration Maryam Khosrowshahi

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(ACC Art Books Ltd., 2014)

While Iran, with its ancient history, has many celebrations, the two most beautiful are the celebration of Norooz (Persian New Year) and AQD (the marriage ceremony). If you have never gotten to see one of these it is suggested, you do. If you cannot, then reading Sofreh is a must. The author in the pages demonstrates her artistic talents in pictures of all that make these two celebrations examples of elegance. The reader is educated in the customs, presentations, cooking of the celebrations which helps you to understand the detail in preparation. It is a book that should be part of the Persian home as it is a resource in passing these traditions to the next generations. Besides being informative the book is a collection of artwork of table setting, cooking, tapestry and flower arranging. 


Thyroid Nodules,

Diagnosis and Management

Hossein Gharib

In the general population, thyroid nodules are found in 5% by palpation and in 50% by ultrasonography (US). Initial evaluation of nodules should include serum thyroid-stimulating hormone measurement, fine-needle aspiration (FNA) biopsy, and US. Thyroid micronodules are being detected with increasing frequency and are currently evaluated by US-FNA. Routine measurement of serum calcitonin and thyroglobulin and FNA rebiopsy are not recommended. Cytologically benign thyroid nodules should be followed rather than treated. Novel treatment options including iodine 131, percutaneous ethanol injection, and percutaneous laser thermal ablation have specific indications, advantages, and adverse effects.

Utilizing the most current evidence, this practical book is the first publication of its kind to focus exclusively on the clinical and laboratory evaluation and therapy of thyroid nodules, including advances in evaluation and controversies in management. Opening with chapters presenting the epidemiology, history, laboratory and clinical evaluation of thyroid nodules, the use of radioactive isotope ultrasound and CT scanning in diagnosis is then described. The interpretation of thyroid cytology following fine needle aspiration (FNA) biopsies and the use of molecular markers are discussed in detail, as is the controversial use of thyroxine therapy. Following a presentation of the common and minimally invasive surgical approaches to thyroid nodules, chapters on multinodal goiters, incidentalomas and thyroid nodules in children round out the presentation. 



My Story as the Longest-Serving Special Forces A-Team Soldier in American History

Changiz Lahidji & Ralph Pezzullo

Over 100 combat missions, 24 years as a Green Beret―Full Battle Rattle tells the legend of a soldier who served America in every war since Vietnam.

Master Sergeant Changiz Lahidji served on Special Forces A teams longer than anyone in history, completing over a hundred combat missions in Afghanistan. Changiz is a Special Forces legend. He also happens to be the first Muslim Green Beret.

Changiz served this country starting with Operation Eagle Claw in 1980, when he entered Tehran on a one-man mission to spy on Iranian soldiers guarding the US Embassy where 52 US diplomats were being held hostage. Three years later, he was in Beirut, Lebanon when a suicide car bomb exploded in front of the US Embassy killing 83 people. Weeks after that, he was shot by Hezbollah terrorists on a night mission.

In Operation Iraqi Freedom, he led a convoy that was ambushed on its way to Fallujah. He was clearing houses in Mogadishu, Somalia on October, 1993 when a US Black Hawk helicopter was shot down 50 feet away from him in the incident that inspired Black Hawk Down. In 2002, he dressed as a farmer and snuck into Eastern Afghanistan and located Osama Bin Laden for the CIA. 

Along the way, Changiz earned numerous commendations, including the Special Forces Legion of Merit, Purple Hearts, and many others. Last year he was nominated for induction in Military Intelligence Hall of Fame and cited as “the finest noncommissioned officer to ever serve in Special Forces.”

His story is an amazing tale of perseverance and courage, of combat and one man’s love of his adopted country.



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