About Poetry

January 14, 2020 by  

Majid Kafaii

Poetry is powerful beautiful words
composed in a sensational way.

Poetry is a noble play
in which The Lords of Creativity
with harmonious words masterfully play
poetry is an artistic display a golden tray 
on which the diamonds of intellect are carried away.

Poetry is the crown of prose a perfumed rose
inside which our sentiments repose.

Poetry is the dance of words 
inside the ballroom of reflection
poetry is about communication and connection.

Poetry is inspiration
a nice painting from the gallery of imagination.

Poetry is imagery
the source of imagery is creativity
the source of creativity is talent
poetry is talent in action
poetry is friend of peace and construction
enemy of war and destruction.

Poetry has the character of spring showers
it comes suddenly with fresh flowers.

Poetry is a heavenly light
it is the juice of insight
the harvest of the bright
a flight to the land of dream and delight.

Poetry is the fire of love
the flame of adoration
the pain of separation
the union elation.

Poetry is the stream of desires
the blaze of jealousy fires
the eruption of feelings
a sort of deliverance self-healing.

Poetry is the window of liberty 
inside the prison of loneliness
poetry is the wine of happiness.

Poetry is self-examination
and revelation combined with relaxation.

Poetry is love of homeland
and carrying in exile 
the heavy luggage of humiliation
with a broken hand.

Poetry is sensitivity is seeing 
the invisible tears of a caged bird
always dreaming to be as free as the white clouds 
constantly wishing to run away from its jailer
the sinner mankind.

Poetry is the rain of blessing 
over the thirsty desert of sorrow
poetry is a shelter it is also​ the poet’s arrow.

Poetry is the melody of heart
the perfume of soul
the mirror of mind
poetry to injustice is not blind.

Poetry is the wisdom torch
illuminating life’s dark porch.

Poetry is the pain of a free thinker
a poison drinker
enchained in the prison of tyranny
his sin believing in democracy
in peace and justice
in kindness and tolerance.
Poetry is the loudspeaker of freedom
the voice of the voiceless
a costly social dress.

Poetry is about wondering
WHO the CREATOR of the Universe is?
and HOW? from NOTHING 
HE created the Whole World!!?

Poetry is constantly marveling 
from WHERE we all came?
and to WHERE 
we all go one by one in a row.

Poetry is understanding 
the sanctity of life
preserving the beauty of nature
respecting the purity of water and air
poetry is about care.

Poetry is seeing one’s picture
in the FRAME of DEATH
poetry is appreciating the value of each breath.

Poetry is thanking the LORD
for giving us life
poetry is hard work, a mental strife.

what is good poetry, bad poetry
and pure poetry?
is the essence of GOOD POETRY
which silently yet powerfully
touches our heart
a precious piece of art
is none of these
is just a pebble 
carried on a squeaky cart!
and what is: 
over the Gate of Times
it is the Gong of Beauty
which in the Tower of Humanity
forever chimes….


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