The the effect of COVID-19 on Iranian Regime

March 12, 2020 by  

by  David Yazdan from Andrew Korybko

Dear Editor,I hope this article makes the upcoming issue of Persian Heritage Magazine. Recently I came upon a very interesting article by a renown Gentleman by the name of  Andrew Korybko who is an American Moscow-based analyst specializing in relationship between the US strategy in Afro-Eurasia,China’s One Belt one Road global vision of the New Silk Road connectivity,and Hybrid Welfare. He is a frequent contributor to Global Research. I share part of his article here.

The effect of this new virus to China&South Korea has been devastating and has put the US also in a frenzy. But its effect on the poor Iranian Nation and its evil illegitimate regime has been fatal.

The consequence of the COVID-19 outbreak in Iran will exacerbate the Islamic Repulsive’s ongoing economic crisis and bring it even closer to political collapse than even before. The outcome of which is unwittingly being facilitated by the regime’s mismanaged response to this disease as a result of the narrative corner that is backed itself into for ” politically correct” reasons,which worryingly raises the question of whether or not regime change might be around the corner if this dire situation isn’t soon brought under control.

Iran’s Unprecedented Isolation by its neighbors who temporarily have closed their borders as a result of its COVID-19 outbreak,which is exacerbating the country’s ongoing economic crisis and bring it even closer to political collapse.It does not inspire any confidence either that Several Officials have contracted the disease.Unfortunately not enough of them. That include Deputy Health Minister who earlier assured everyone that the virus was under control. One of its former Ambassadors,who was also an influential cleric,aka ,” akhound shepeeshoo”even died from it too. The Parliament is now suspended for the rest of the month out of an abundance of caution. The very fact that so many government representatives have caught the contagion gave rise to speculation that it’s really a bioweapon that was secretly unleashed against the Islamic Repulsive in order to carry out regime change there,though the outcome is certainly possible,it’s less clear whether this would the result  of as ” American-Zionist conspiracy” or simply due to government’s mismanaged response to this disease.  It’s unknown at this time how many officials got infected,since the regime is still in denial,they refuse  to tell the truth to to people,since the foundation of that regime  is based on lies and deceit .

They have been ignoring the fact that many many of the regimes representatives constantly commute back and forth to China ,some of the are clerics who travel to Qums for groups prayer together with pilgrims who generally travel there,take the contamination and diffuse it to others. Furthermore President Putin has come to rescue,it is that bad.

Not surprisingly the regime doesn’t officially regard this as a crisis,nor can it without risking a self inflicted blow to its ” political Legitimacy” The Afatollah earlier blamed” neg propaganda” about the virus for the country’s lowest turnout since the the beginning of the evil regime 1079 pseudo-revolution.

Either way  regime has backed itself into a narrative corner for ” politically correct” reasons and is thus unable to adequately confront this contagion without harming its leadership’s interests.

Has The Point Of No Return been Passed? Whatever its motivation might have been,it’s becoming increasingly clear that drastic action is needed in order for the country to survive these interconnected crises.The health crisis is worsening the economic one,which in turn affecting the political crises,especially since some officials have already contracted the disease,thus creating a circular crisis of sorts that dangerously appears to be self sustaining. this is made more worrisome by the fact the authorities have backed themselves into a narrative corner for” politically correct” reasons and are thus unable to adequately respond to the health component of this crisis. Nothing can be done for the foreseeable future about the economic dimension since it is out of Iran’s hands,but improving the health metrics by more effectively containing the virus after finally taking it as seriously as it should have been to begin with might eventually help. As long as the health and economic crisis continue to worsen,then it’s almost inevitable that another political one will erupt en mass as well. This is especially true if more if more officials fall victim to this virus,thus rising the risk of eventual regime change by coronavirus,not by any’ conspiracy’



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